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The Farco-Pharma company has been based in Cologne since 1971. Its history is intimately connected with an idea of Prof. Dr. med. Carl Erich Alken, the doyen of German urology. This idea was to prepare the urethra by instilling a lubricant gel before catheterisations and other transurethral operations. In this respect his idea constitutes the basis for developing and continuously enhancing Instillagel® and other lubricants produced by the company.

To be able to successfully seize our opportunities as a medium-sized company in a global environment we see our future in systematically focussing on urological questions which we want to answer innovatively and reliably in close collaboration with the discipline and its members.

At the same time we aim to concentrate on preparations – pharmaceutical and medical products – which are beneficial for the urologist in his practical diagnostic and therapeutic interventions on the patient.

The quality standards which we and our customers insist on when it comes to our medicinal preparations play a decisive role in the process. Systematic quality management thus requires ongoing training for our employees in all sections of the company.

With our medicinal products and activities we seek to be one of the leading companies for urologists.

We provide services for urology and thus aim to become a partner to urologists when it comes to solving diagnostic and therapeutic problems for the benefit of patients. This makes it absolutely essential to continue close collaboration at a personal level in future.

We always aim to be a reliable partner in cooperation with urologists, dealers, suppliers and service providers.