Hexal is a fixed size in German health care. Our success, our very own quality, has many reasons. Their foundation was and is our orientation to the needs of physicians, pharmacists and patients.

With more than 400 active ingredients, we offer a unique and highly diverse range . Our OTC brands, such as ACC Akut ® , Gingium ® or OMEP ®, are among the best - known drugs in Germany. We not only produce patent-free medicines but also continually develop our medicines . The improvements are frequently in the details, eg by additional potency or more application-friendly dosage forms. As a company of the Sandoz / Novartis Group, we can also offer highly complex biopharmaceutical drugs, so-called biosimilars .

In the service we rely on individual customer support through our own field service. We supplement this strong presence on the ground with services such as medical-scientific consulting and information materials. In addition, we actively support doctors' offices and pharmacies with their own training and continuing education programs. It is also our understanding to offer high-quality services at fair prices . In this way, we ensure the long-term access of all high-quality medicines and thus contribute significantly to the security of supply .

The proximity to the market is important to us. That is why we produce medicines at our own sites in Germany and assume responsibility there. And not just from an entrepreneurial, but also from a social and social perspective. All this makes us unique and offers you a unique quality: the hexal quality. Hexal quality works in the harmonious interplay of the mentioned advantages. It is more than the sum of its parts. It is based on all our experiences and competences. She lives every day by the commitment of our employees.


Variety in the drug offer is an essential feature of our quality. We use the entire keyboardless medicines. We are offering a comprehensive range of over 400 pharmaceutical active ingredients. In order to make this assortment range as useful as possible for treating physicians, we offer a wide range of therapy options. This includes, for example, additional dosage forms and dosage forms, with which we are able to continuously supplement our offer in the sense of the most individualized treatment possible.

Our range includes some of the best known drugs in Germany such as ACC Akut ® , Gingium ® or Omep ® . However, we offer much more than these strong brands and provide Germany with approximately 5,900 different medicines . We are constantly expanding our comprehensive range for targeted and individual therapy. With our own research and development, we are able to optimize patent-free drugs with additional efficacies and more patient-friendly applications or develop sophisticated, complex medicines such as biosimilars themselves. Because with us the diversity makes the music.


Our quality claim also builds on the status quo. That is why we not only produce drugs based on proven active ingredients. We also want to make them better. For us, above all one thing counts for us: the quality of life of the patients. This unites and motivates all our employees. Often it is the small changes that have great effect. Our range of extensions with intermediate strengths, for example, enable doctors to dose doses even more precisely - for more individual therapy. We are leading in the development of differentiated drugs such as transdermal therapeutic systems or sustained-release preparations and also offer new dosage forms such as implants or inhalers.

As part of the international Sandoz and Novartis Group, we are involved in a global leading quality network. This also supports us in the fulfillment of our own high quality requirements and strengthens our special know-how in the development of differentiated, complex medicines. Already today we provide the German health care system with three biosimilars - more are already in the pipeline. Our biosimilars, modern, biopharmaceutical follow-up preparations enable more options in preparation selection and therapy in demanding indications. Especially in the case of serious diseases of the immune system or cancer diseases, they contribute to significantly higher survival rates. As an essential contribution to an economic therapeutic diversity, our biosimilars are nowadays an integral part of medical practice.


Efficiency is essential in everything we do. At the same time, we never lose sight of our high quality requirements. Our goal: to provide a better and more cost-effective medical care for all. In order to achieve this, the highest level of competence is crucial in all areas of the company - from product optimization and development through approval, production, marketing and distribution to logistics. Fair prices are a key aspect of profitability for us - so our products contribute to dynamic competition in many areas of the drug market, as politicians and society demand for the German health care system.

Focusing on customer needs is another aspect of cost-effectiveness. In the case of optimization or new development of medicinal products, we are guided by the requirements of patients, practices and pharmacies. For example, our medicines can promote therapies through simpler application, support treatment succession and thus reduce potential follow-up costs. Our broad portfolio makes us an attractive partner for all healthcare providers who are interested in quality and economic care. For this reason, we have numerous contractual agreements, for example with statutory and private health insurances.