Farco - Pharma


FARCO-PHARMA is a worldwide supplier of products for urology and outpatient medical treatment of patients. Our products, including medicinal products and medical devices, are used in the preventive treatment, therapy, and care of critically and chronically ill patients.

FARCO-PHARMA headquarters is in Cologne; production takes place at our facility in Berlin.

As the market leader and specialist for urological lubricants in Germany, we have focused on urological issues that we are able to innovatively and reliably address through up-close and personal collaboration with experts in many cases.

Intensive collaboration with urologists has resulted in products that not only meet the highest standards of pharmaceutical purity and quality, but also satisfy the requirements of needs-based implementation with respect to practical applications. In this regard, we have optimised the application systems for our products, as well as our sterile production processes and our patented process of sterilisation in the final container. This enables our lubricants to be supplied in sterile, ready-to-use syringes with ergonomically formed cones. As a result, they are easy and safe to handle, thus reducing the risk of injury and infection to a minimum.

In addition to lubricants, the FARCO-PHARMA product range includes also three sterile solutions for catheter inflation. As a certified manufacturer of sterile single-use syringes for urological applications, we meet all of the international market requirements through our production activities at GMP-certified production sites and the certification of our quality assurance system and medical devices in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485 in compliance with European law. Our long-standing products, such as Instillagel® and Endosgel®, as well as our innovative products, such as Farco-fill Protect®, meet the highest pharmaceutical quality standards.


Our philosophy is to act "Serving urology". We make every effort each day to improve the quality of life of our patients. With our products and services, we assist specialists and experts from the urology sector in providing the best possible treatment and care for their patients. As a result, our customer and patient orientation, as well as our products, provide a substantial contribution to everyday medical care. The unique quality of our products and their user-friendliness to the benefit of patients are our top priority. As a result, our focus is on products, including medicinal products and medical devices, that enable urologists to benefit their patients through practical, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions.

We want to fulfil the quality requirements demanded by our customers and patients and that we ourselves demand of our products at all times. Consistent and continuous quality management and ongoing training of our employees in all areas form the best foundation to meet these objectives.

In order to successfully make use of opportunities as a medium-sized pharmaceutical company within a global environment, we see our future as consistently focused on urological issues. We will continue to act in the service of urology and strive to provide our urologist partners with solutions to diagnostic and therapeutic issues to the benefit of the patient.

We are committed to developing innovative products at the accustomed high level of quality and in direct collaboration with urological experts.

As a certified manufacturer of sterile single-use syringes for urological applications, we strive to continuously expand medical care with our products and achieve consistent growth in domestic and international markets.

This will also require close collaboration at the personal level in future. In cooperation with urologists, the industry, suppliers, and service providers, we will always be a reliable partner “Serving urology".


As a successful, medium-sized company and the leading supplier of urological lubricants in Germany, we are committed to a variety of social causes, especially within the urology sector. We take our commitments very seriously. As a result, we support and promote targeted educational development as well as residencies, advanced training, and continuing education in the field of urology.